The Power Pioneers - gatekeepers of BC Hydro’s History.

Through a series of beautiful coffee-table books filled with hundreds of photos, including Gaslights to Gigawatts (1998), Station Normal (2001), Voices from Two Rivers (2010), and Power Smart (2014). The Power Pioneers goal is to preserve and share the legacy of BC Hydro’s history. Gaslights to Gigawatts explores the history of BC Hydro back to the 1860s; Station Normal covers the history of the Stave River power projects; Voices from Two Rivers looks at the Peace and Columbia River projects. Power Smart, is a look at the history of one of the most successful branding and public relations campaigns designed to conserve energy. The newest book, People, Power and Progress: The Story of John Hart Dam and the Campbell River Power Projects (2017) and the newest book, Voices from Bridge River (2022) brings the total to 22,000 books in print.

The distribution of books is province wide and has included gifting copies of Gaslights to Gigawatts and Voices from Two Rivers to all of the private and public high schools in B.C. as well as to many museums, libraries and community groups, to share the legacy of BC Hydro’s history with all of B.C.

Proceeds from book sales will be donated to BC Children’s Hospital through the BC Hydro Power Pioneers Miracle Millions Campaign.

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Power Smart

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