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  • All proceeds from the sales of these books go to BC's Children's Hospital through the BC Hydro Power Pioneers Miracle Million Campaign.

Voices from Two Rivers ($50 Value) 312 page hardcover. Authored by Meg Stanley for the BC Hydro Power Pioneers and published in 2010 by Douglas & McIntyre.

People, Power, and Progress ($25 Value) 152 page paperback, 8.5 × 10 inches. The Story of John Hart Dam and the Campbell River Power Projects by Daniel Stoffman An illustrated history of one of British Columbia’s most important 20th century infrastructure projects.

Power Smart ($15 Value) 65 page softcover. The story of how Power Smart came to be, how it endured, and how it has evolved into an essential part of B.C. culture.

Station Normal ($20 Value) 120 page softcover, authored by Meg Stanley & Hugh Wilson and published in 2001 by Douglas & McIntyre. A Human History of the development of Stave Falls.