Product Details

The Picquic "The Pic" 3-Piece Multi-Bit Screwdriver is a versatile tool designed for both professional and home use. This compact, red screwdriver features 3 2" (50.8 mm) power bits, expertly machined for an optimal bit-to-screw fit. Its solid, one-piece handle ensures durability, while the flat, ergonomic design enhances comfort during use. The instant bit storage system offers maximum convenience, preventing bit loss. An additional bit easily stows in the handle's rear, ideal for toolbox, purse, or pocket storage. Convenient and versatile, this bit assortment (R2, P2, S1/4) caters to varied needs.



  • Picquic The Pic Multi-Bit Screwdriver is the perfect tools for professionals or at home use

  • 2\" (50.8 mm) power bits designed for use in a drill or impact driver

  • Picquic bits are precision machined for reliable bit-to-screw fit

  • Solid one-piece handle has no component pieces to break or wear out

  • Flat, ergonomic handle

  • Instant bit storage system for maximum convenience and eliminates bit loss

  • Third bit easily stows in rear of handle for toolbox, purse or pocket storage

  • Compact size for convenient daily carry

  • Bit assortment suits most needs (R2, P2, S1/4)

  • Includes (3) 2\" (50.8 mm) long 1/4\" (6.4 mm) hex body power bits