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  • 312 page hardcover.
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  • Authored by Meg Stanley for the BC Hydro Power Pioneers and published in 2010 by Douglas & McIntyre.
  • All proceeds from the sales of this book go to BC's Children's Hospital through the BC Hydro Power Pioneers Miracle Million Campaign.

Harnessing the Power of the Peace and Columbia

Early in the 1960s, Premier W.A.C. Bennett created the BC Hydro and Power Authority to implement his “Two Rivers” policy of harnessing the tremendous energy of the Peace and Columbia rivers to generate electricity. The new Crown corporation was charged with building the large dams and powerhouses that would turn the policy into megawatts.

At the heart of this book are the stories of those who lived and worked around the building of those projects. Engineers, First Nations elders, ranchers, and construction workers and their families all have a place in this narrative. The projects were engineering feats that involved tens of thousands of people and touched the lives of many more British Columbians with tremendous benefits as well as abundant challenges.

The Power Pioneers have captured an amazing period in the province's history through a lens that is only theirs to share. They have done a great service by capturing our imagination through these stories and by bringing this book forward for all British Columbians to enjoy at this time, and for all times.

Bob Elton President and CEO, BC Hydro